Beware the Hidden Costs of “Free” Cloud Data Solutions 

Beware the Hidden Costs of “Free” Cloud Data Solutions 

What To Look Out For

“Free” is a tempting word when all business software seems to creep into your margins, but there are hidden costs you need to be aware of. Solutions like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive may appear free at first, but in reality they cost your team time and can cost your company financially, too, if your data is hacked due to limited security measures.

There’s a better solution though.

Let’s explore how the TeamLogic IT CloudDrive can help your company better manage and protect your data.

A Solution That Scales with Your Company

Scaling your cloud storage platform is more than adding users and paying for more storage. It’s ensuring that access and storage grows while maintaining security and file integrity. As you grow, more employees will be working on more files at the same time.

Free solutions allow multiple editors at one time, which can undo work and increase stress across your company.

Solutions like our CloudDrive service, though, act like traditional file servers so documents are locked while an employee is editing it. As soon as edits are complete, the file is unlocked and once again accessible.

Overall, using an enterprise cloud storage solution ensures that your storage and access needs evolve with your growth while still maintaining the structure you need to keep your business running.

A Solution That Improves Employee Ownership

When it comes to file access, free cloud storage solutions are like a spider web. Each user creates and shares files, but still retains ownership. This creates an issue when that employee leaves and their account is deleted and all their files along with it.

Enterprise cloud solutions, though, act as a hub and spoke. All users can create and access files, but all files live on the server so that, even when employees leave, all files remain accessible.


A Solution That Protects Your Data

Did you know that 60% of DropBox customers have been exposed to ransomware? You don’t want to be one of those companies. Enterprise cloud solutions protect your data in more ways than one.

When using CloudDrive as an enterprise cloud storage solution, all files are encrypted and scanned before uploaded or downloaded to ensure that viruses or malware aren’t present. This additional step can save your company, and you don’t want to learn the impact it can have until it’s too late.

The other way this platform protects your data is through tracking. Your company very likely handles sensitive information, and you don’t want employees using their access to documents for nefarious purposes.

With CloudDrive, you can set triggers for when more than 100 GB (or other amount) is downloaded. This isn’t available with other solutions, making it a valuable choice for your company. Don’t wait until it’s too late to track who is accessing large amounts of data.

Are You Looking For A Safe Way To Manage Your Business’ Data?

There is no safer way to manage data than cloud computing and our CloudDrive service. For a better way to access, manage, and protect your data, give us a call at (678) 250-5312 .

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