How Your Company Can Excel with a Cloud-Based Transformation

How Your Company Can Excel with a Cloud-Based Transformation

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Imagine your team is spread throughout your area and you continue emailing documents back and forth, confusing updated files for old files. Sounds like a pain, right? Or, a hurricane wipes out your office, yet you can continue working remotely.

These aren’t made-up stories.

This is a real TeamLogic IT client who was frustrated with disjointed files and limited access as her team was growing rapidly outside of their office, which meant away from their in-office server.


What Are Cloud Services?

Cloud services store data, applications, and redundancies on remote servers with secure access. You and your employees can access your cloud anytime, anywhere, and on nearly any device.

Our President, Rick Higgins, explains, “Cloud-based services offer businesses the chance to securely manage data without keeping local servers.”

Cloud-based infrastructure originated as a way to store data, but now it offers companies like yours the ability to manage email, servers, applications, and even desktops virtually. In the case of this TeamLogic IT client, they were able to begin securely managing all their data so the entire team could access it, regardless of their location.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Infrastructure

There are a number of benefits of cloud-based infrastructure, though the primary benefit is increasing the ease of access for your entire team. “A cloud-based infrastructure helps you make sure employees can securely access documents from anywhere,” explains Rick.

In addition to access, though, is maintaining up-to-date files. Cloud-based storage keeps all data current so you never have to worry about different versions on different devices.

This proved to be a significant benefit to this same client, who’s new system was built and finished just before Hurricane Sandy. Because of this cloud-based system, they were able to continue working from different locations while other companies were down for much longer.

Using the cloud for your company also means you don’t have to host and manage on-site servers. All of this can be completed securely off-site by us so you can focus on managing your company, not a server that needs updating.


Should I Use Cloud-Based Services for My Atlanta Area Company?

While every company is different, most will benefit from the cloud. The decision lies in creating an IT solution that’s secure, easy to use, and keeps your documents where you need it, when you need it.

While both in-person and remote companies can benefit, remote companies benefit the most due to the nature of their operations. There’s no way to hardwire them into the network, so the cloud ensures your employees can access all needed data securely and efficiently.

In the case of the distributed healthcare company that TeamLogic IT helped, transitioning to a secure cloud-based system ensured that their growth could continue even with a distributed team.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a cloud-based solution can help your company work from an office or anywhere in the world, give us a call at (770) 847-9611 or send us a message. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and create a customized solution for your company.

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