Improving Email Security With IT Staff Augmentation

Improving Email Security With IT Staff Augmentation

Maintaining a secure email program for your company requires specialized training to ensure it continues to function optimally. If your company can’t afford a full-time hire for this role, implementing staff augmentation can help you meet your needs without requiring significant labor costs.

Staff augmentation services work in conjunction with your in-house staff with IT needs like email security and server management. Instead of hiring a generalist to your team, get specialist help for one or more solutions that keeps your business running while your internal team focuses on day-to-day needs.

Specialized Support for Your Generalized IT Team

Many companies can’t afford to have a large team with members that specialize in each area within IT. When you bring on specialized support, though, you can invest as needed to augment your team on a short-term or long-term basis.

For example, email security is a growing concern for many companies. They know it’s important, but don’t have the infrastructure to update as needed. Staff augmentation can help you implement the software and hardware necessary to keep your company’s communications secure.

Staff augmentation can typically start quickly, so you can get the situation resolved before it becomes a larger problem.

How Staff Augmentation Supports Your Company’s IT Needs

This service can help more than just email security, though. Here are all the ways you can use staff augmentation to your company’s benefit.

Cloud Services

Whether you need to implement a cloud-based IT infrastructure for the first time or are looking to upgrade, staff augmentation can help you improve document access and backup as well as VoIP-based communications.

Mobility Services

Improve how your team uses company devices to improve security, productivity, and collaboration. When done right, there doesn’t have to be a tradeoff between the two.

Business Continuity

Let your IT team focus on the day-to-day management efforts while enlisting staff augmentation to ensure your business can withstand natural or malicious disasters. These continuity plans are designed to protect critical IT services and are customized to your needs so you’re investing in what you need.


Improve your company’s chances of surviving a cyber security attack by safeguarding your business through network security updates. Specialized IT support will help your in-house department determine and fix vulnerabilities.

Data Backup

Make sure your team doesn’t lose important documents by implementing a data backup plan. Whether it’s human error, natural disaster, theft, or other damage, protect your company’s assets with data backup through staff augmentation.

Unified Communications

Whether your team is in one office or spread throughout the country, unified communications can improve employee productivity through effective VoIP networks and integrated data and voice services.

What to Expect During Staff Augmentation

If you’ve never utilized staff augmentation before, the process can appear vague. What happens first? How does the transition occur? Here’s what you can expect throughout the process so you and your in-house IT team are prepared.

First, you’ll meet with the project manager to layout the specific plan and confirm your needs and create a timeline. Once details are confirmed, your project manager will begin ordering any hardware that’s needed. 

If you only need software, or once hardware arrives, the team will deploy your solution and ensure everything is working correctly.

Depending on how much hardware needs to be ordered and the scope of your project, these can be implemented in as fast as a week, though some more complex projects can take up to three.

Before your project is finished, your staff augmentation team will ensure that you have everything you need to transition management back, and that your in-house IT team knows how to properly handle the new configuration.

When it’s time to support your in-house IT team to improve your email security, consider how staff augmentation can help your company. It’s not about replacing your in-house team; it’s about supporting them so you can reach your goals, together.

Protect your company’s infrastructure with staff augmentation from TeamLogic IT. Our team can fill the gaps of your in-house team to ensure you stay secured and productive. 

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