How IT Consultants Can Help You Move Into A New Office Building

How IT Consultants Can Help You Move Into A New Office Building

If your business is moving, your IT department needs to as well. While your in-house IT department is focusing on day-to-day tasks, hiring a consultant can help you plan your move so there are limited disruptions. 

These consultants can help you install cabling for internet access, ensure an appropriate security level, and manage server space and management.

Move Your Business Smoothly and Securely

Moving into a new office is more than moving furniture. It’s moving your business. And your business needs to function with secure data storage, employee connectivity, and reliable communication

Hiring an IT consultant can help you in a number of areas:

  1. Cat5 and Cat6 cabling install for internet access
  2. Security camera systems
  3. Wired phone systems
  4. Keyless door entry systems
  5. Server virtualization

Cat5 and cat6 cabling install helps your business stay connected online. Your IT consultant can guide you to the right choice based on your needs.

Your office needs more than server protection. Installing security camera systems in your new office can keep you, your employees, and your company safe.

Even as mobile devices continue to grow, there is still benefit to a wired phone system in your office. Whether you need five phones or twenty, your consultant can help you install the system and ensure it’s running properly.

Keyless door entry systems also help protect your office by limiting access to approved personnel. Installing this before you move in can help you protect your new investment from the start.

If you’re currently managing your own servers on premises, server virtualization can make your move easier by dividing certain servers into multiple unique virtual servers. You can even use different operating systems, making this an ideal way to maximize your space.

Types of IT Consulting for Small Businesses

IT consulting can help you through more than office moves. These situations all include unique challenges that an experienced consulting firm can help you through with minimal disruption to your business.

Business Technology Consulting

The right IT consultant for your practice will take your goals for employee productivity, overall performance, safeguarding data, and more to create a plan that keeps you competitive in your industry and for whatever the future brings.

Deployment Services & Consulting

Improve your company’s technology by working with a consultant who is an experienced leader in integrated solutions, so you experience limited downtime.

Hardware & Software

Stay competitive with business intelligence hardware and software upgrades that keep you growing moving towards your goals.

Desktop & Server Virtualization

Reduce your data management costs through desktop and server virtualization. A consultant can help you determine your hardware and software needs to make a smooth transition, and they won’t consider the project closed until your in-house team can effectively use and manage the system.

Network Design

Improve your network’s performance, speed, and security with a system designed for your company’s needs, not someone else’s. This leaves you open to focus more on company growth and less on frustrating technology issues.

Network Assessment

Periodic network assessments keep your business secure, productive, and optimized based on your needs. This includes monitoring employee device usage, server security, and other potential risks so you don’t fall prey to the latest in sophisticated cyber security attacks.

Windows 7 End of Life

Protect your Microsoft-based infrastructure and applications with our customized end of life services so your company doesn’t become vulnerable based on software the developer is no longer supporting.

Whether you’re moving to a brand-new building or an existing space, IT consultants can help you stay organized, secure, and ready for normal business operations as quickly as possible. This gives your in-house team time to focus on their day-to-day tasks while also ensuring that your move goes smoothly.

We help you create and implement a plan that safely moves your office and/or data center with minimal disruption to you and your customers. Reduce stress and ensure a smooth moving experience with TeamLogic IT. Our experienced team can help you stay connected and secure throughout the process.  

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