Maintaining Server Functionality With Managed IT Solutions

Maintaining Server Functionality With Managed IT Solutions

Maintaining your company’s servers is a tricky process. Like cars, they need routine maintenance in order to continue operating optimally. If one goes down, your company’s operations could be at risk. Instead, implement a server management plan that handles ongoing maintenance and crisis response.

From simple to complex, your company can benefit from managed IT services. Let’s review a scenario that’s far too common for many businesses both small and large.

Maintaining Your Company’s Servers 

Because servers need routine maintenance to maintain optimal functionality, it’s essential that your business has a plan in place. If you store information on servers that need to be accessed at any time from one or more locations, you need managed IT services.

Industries like healthcare, legal, financial, insurance, manufacturing, and construction can all benefit from a thorough IT solution for day-to-day management and one-time support. Maintenance for these industries includes security updates, device management, cloud backups, and more.

Because servers are so finicky, 24/7 monitoring is essential to keep your business running. If your server goes down at 7 pm ET, but you have an employee on a business trip in California where it’s only 4 pm and they need to access important documents, you need that server back up ASAP.

This is where managed IT services help your business. An external team monitors your IT infrastructure, and is first to respond when problems arise. You have less stress because the pros are on it, and your employee in California can still complete important work tasks.

In order to prepare well, let’s break down how managed IT services help keep you running.

How Managed IT Services Maintain Server Functionality

Managed IT solutions have three core areas:

  1. Proactive 
  2. Preventative 
  3. Responsive 


Proactive IT includes strategic evaluation and tactical planning so that you can meet market demands and your business initiatives. Because of the proactive approach, this piece of managed IT services offers flexible, scalable services so your business operations are always covered

These services include the hardware and software needed to keep your business running. Whether you’re expecting a surge in traffic or need a security update, responsive IT services will help keep you running.


Preventative IT includes remote monitoring and resolution of all implemented IT solutions so you’re alerted to potential problems before they disrupt your business. Think of this like preventative medicine. While having a plan for a crisis is important, it’s also important to prevent as many health concerns as possible. 

When you use a preventative IT service, you can run your business with one less stress-inducing thing to consider.


Responsive IT is a hands-on, on-demand service helping at your office or at a remote facility to ensure your system can handle surges in demand. It’s your company’s safety net if something goes wrong. 

When used in conjunction with proactive and preventative IT, your need for this service should be low. However, it’s important to maintain a plan, because there are always situations where things may go wrong.

Why Does My Company Need This?

Your company can only grow when you have the proper strategies and operations in place to limit IT disruptions. Managed IT services also help you grow by eliminating management tasks from you and your team’s to-do list.

Proactive IT management ensures you have everything you need to stay running. The flexible, scalable services keeps your business operations running. Preventative IT management helps you monitor and resolve IT solutions so you can minimize disruptions for your team and your customers. And lastly, responsive IT limits the impact on your business if disruptions do happen.

Server maintenance, monitoring, and problem resolution are all critical to your company’s operations. But managed IT services can help you rest easy knowing that you have a proactive, preventative, and responsive IT team ready to handle whatever your servers bring.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your infrastructure with a managed IT solution from TeamLogic IT. Our team can build a plan, implement it, and keep it running while you focus on what really matters: growing your company. 

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