What Do I Need to Know About Managed IT Services in Atlanta, GA?

What Do I Need to Know About Managed IT Services in Atlanta, GA?

Do you have a plan to keep your servers running? Or how to handle data backups or a breach? You’re busy running your company, which is why managed IT services can keep your company’s IT infrastructure secure while you focus on growth.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about hiring an IT management firm for your company in Atlanta, GA.


What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services helps your company implement and maintain the right strategies and operations to limit IT disruptions. There are three core areas of managed IT services.

  1. Proactive IT includes strategic evaluation and tactical planning so that you can meet market demands and your business initiatives. It’s flexible and scalable so your business operations are always covered.
  2. Preventative IT includes remote monitoring and resolution of all implemented solutions, so you’re alerted to potential problems before they cause a disruption.
  3. Responsive IT is a hands-on, on-demand service helping at your office or at a remote facility to ensure your system can handle demand surges. If something goes wrong, responsive IT support is there as a safety net to resolve the issue.

When you use all three of these services in conjunction with each other, your need for Responsive IT is low. However, it’s always important to be prepared as technology can still go wrong, even with the best setup and management possible.

Why Should I Invest in Managed IT Services for My Atlanta Business?

There are two primary reasons you should invest in managed IT services. First, it keeps you prepared. IT management is a complex job, and all the planning possible unfortunately can’t completely remove unexpected trouble.

The right IT management team will work with you to assess needs and potential risks before constantly monitor your infrastructure for concerns and react as needed.

Second, it helps you grow by ensuring your IT needs are met. Growing companies require more complex IT solutions.

By partnering with you, an IT management company will support your growth and proactively prepare for upcoming needs.


Do I Need a Local Managed IT Service Company?

While it’s not required, a managed IT company based in Atlanta will maximize your investment by providing in person and virtual support as needed. Your business is important, and a locally-based IT provider ensures that your infrastructure is protected.

This is particularly important if you have on-site servers. IT companies can access servers remotely for most maintenance, but there are some instances when you will need on-site help.

Ensure your servers are managed by the experts who will handle all maintenance and emergency work themselves instead of outsourcing to another company because they aren’t in your area.

What Does a Managed IT Service Provider Do?

Managed IT services are more than ensuring your company’s servers stay up to date. Hiring a management firm helps you protect and react to potential concerns.

If you’re looking for 360 degrees of proactive, preventative, and responsive managed IT services in Atlanta, GA, give us a call at (770) 847-9611 or send us a message.

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